The Approved Registered Cattle (ARC) mark provides traceability of registered cattle to the industry.  The integral tissue bank, provides access to each animal’s DNA.  This can be called upon at any time, allowing increased knowledge through genomic evaluation, parentage verification or health testing.

Through Holstein UK, members can purchase exclusively branded ARC tissue tags from our partner Caisley. The management mark on the tags provides differentiation for animals from pedigree herds.  Whilst the use of Caisley’s renowned FlexoPlus® Geno tags provides a simple, yet tamper proof system to submit your tissue sample.  On your first order, you will receive a welcome pack, providing you with all the information and equipment needed to apply your tags and keep your tissue vials safe.

The submitted tissue vial is kept in storage and carried with that animal throughout its life. It can then be pulled upon by the owner of that animal at any time, for parentage or various genomic tests.

Registering animals through ARC provides a wide range of benefits to the whole of the supply chain.


  • Informed breeding decisions
  • Assurance of parentage
  • Added value
  • Health testing
  • Adds confidence when purchasing
  • Opportunities for further testing


  • Assurance over breeding
  • Traceability for animals entering the meat supply chain


  • Knowledge
  • Assurance

ARC provides breeders with the knowledge and insight to build sustainable herds. It creates assurance and adds value to the supply chain.

All tissue tags are branded with the ARC mark and are exclusively available to Holstein UK members.

At competitive prices, our high-quality tag supplier boasts some of the highest retention rates on the market. Along with this, the tissue tags are quick and easy to use, with no chance of misidentification.  You simply tag the calf, select any additional testing that you would like to have carried out, and then send to our office.


To view our full range of cattle ear tags for tissue sampling including DNA and BVD please DOWNLOAD the ARC Holstein Cattle Ear Tag Product Catalogue Edition 5.1.