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Order your New and Replacement Ear Cattle Tags


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The Approved Registered Cattle (ARC) mark provides traceability of registered cattle to the industry.  The integral tissue bank, provides access to each animal’s DNA.  This can be called upon at any time, allowing increased knowledge through genomic evaluation, parentage verification or health testing. 

Holstein UK have teamed up with leading eartag manufacturer Caisley to provide a simple yet tamper proof tissue sampling system to its members.  The Approved Registered Cattle (ARC) management scheme holds an integral tissue bank providing access to each animals’ DNA for use in genomic evaluation and parentage verification. The records will be accurately matched to ancestry, milk recording, classification and genetic data.  Animals that have tissue samples taken at birth as part of the BCMS and registration process will carry an ARC management mark on their eartag to illustrate that this animal is part of the scheme. 

By establishing a ‘stamp of approval’ Holstein UK is creating a standard for all registered animals that ensures authenticity of the breed and provides farmers with a trusted brand that they can have confidence in. Members and Holstein UK will work in partnership to ensure sustainable returns from registered cattle:

  • Trusted gold standard mark providing recognition of registered animals
  • Easy access to further health and DNA testing, such as genomics and BVD
  • Robust herd book of insight and data
  • Greater knowledge of the herd, to allow more informed breeding decisions to be made